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The V-Taper Solution Review



What is the V-Taper Solution?

The V-Taper Solution is an exercise and nutrition program designed to lose fat, and build muscle. It is an exclusive program for men. The title of the system comes from the classic desire of all males to develop the classic v-taper.

The v-taper refers to way that the torso runs from the shoulders to the waist. For the majority of men today, there is no taper at all or it goes in the wrong direction, with the waist actually being wider than the shoulders. The V-Taper Solution is designed to reverse this situation and develop the wide shoulders, flaring lats and tiny waist that looks so impressive.


How Does it Work?

The V-Taper Solution uses a unique three-phase approach to achieve its results. Each phase is designed to put the body into an anabolic state promote maximum fat loss and build lean quality muscle.

The three phases of the program are:

Phase 1 – Metabolic Priming

This is all about creating the metabolic environment for maximum anabolic stimulation. Overuse or misuse has meant that our bodies have become hormonally imbalanced. Recalibrating our hormonal system is the first step in creating that wide shouldered, lean mass look that so many men attain to.

Recent studies have concluded that a direct correlation exists between the amount of adipose belly fat that men carry, their balance of anabolic hormones and their rate of metabolism. Recalibrating this balance to your individual requirements is the key to overcoming plateaus and achieving the body of your dreams.

During this phase you enter your body measurements into a software that will determine the best workout for you and the best nutrition plan to optimize your metabolism and hormonal system. You will get an analysis that details exactly what you should eat, when you should eat it and how much of it you should eat. All of this will be based upon your unique body requirements.

Phase 2-   Metabolic Optimization

Having set the foundation Phase 1, this Phase details the workout plan that will get you to your goal. The program will create a customized training plan based upon your body weight composition lifestyle and other factors. You’re also giving access to a wide range of coaching lesson videos that provide you with detailed exercise and workout guidelines.

Phase 3- Metabolic Customization

Everything now comes together with the most advanced nutrition and workout plan possible to get you to that ripped , v-taper look in the shortest time. You will be given sensible sustainable ideas on how you can sustain the nutrition and workout habits that see you achieve and maintain your ideal physique for the rest of your life.

A unique aspect of the V-Taper Solution program is that all of the nutrition and training program that are created are done so on the basis of the information that the user inserts into the system’s software in Phase 1. This means that the entire program is customized for the use of each individual. In a world that is full of cookie utter products, this is a great thing to see!


Who is Behind This Product?

The creator of the system is Brad Pilon. Brad has a degree in Applied Sciences, is a personal trainer and best selling author of several nutrition and work out publications, including the extremely popular Eat. Stop. Eat , which has become the Bible of intermittent fasting. He has also written for many of the leading health and fitness and bodybuilding magazines in the world.

Brad is an authority on exercise and nutrition. You can have confidence that he knows his stuff.

Where Can You Buy the V-Taper Solution?

The V-Taper Solution is available exclusively from the V-Taper Solution website, here.  For your purchase price of $37 you will receive an instant download of the entire system, including life-time access to the extensive video vault.

This system carries with it a full 60-day money back guarantee.



We are very impressed with the V-Taper Solution. It’s strongest and most unique selling point is that it allows complete customization to the specific needs of the individual user. The 3-phase metabolic program is also unique, and addresses a fundamental need in the process of losing fat and building muscle – hormonal regulation. The video library is extensive and the instructions detailed.


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