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Tinnitus Terminator by Timothy Seaton Review

What is Tinnitus Terminator? Tinnitus-Terminator-Program

Sufferers of tinnitus have to contend with a constant ringing noise in their head. Needless to say, they will go to great lengths to alleviate this distressing condition. Many people have heard of a popular treatment called Tinnitus Terminator. The program was created by a former sound engineer who was a tinnitus sufferer for years.

Tinnitus Terminator follows a two-step process that promises to cure tinnitus in 30 days. The program does this without the aid of any chemical products, stimulants, artificial hearing devices or surgery. It simply relies on a pattern of sound stimuli to reprogram the brain.

The first step in the program involves completing an online evaluation. The detailed questionnaire will assess your level of tinnitus. This will allow the program to determine which of the sound programs are right for you.

How Does it Work?

According to Seaton, tinnitus is caused by malfunctions in the wiring of the brain which stem from damage to the hair follicles in the ear. His specialized recordings are designed to correct this malfunction.

Once you have completed the questionnaire and selected the appropriate recording, all you need to do is to listen to the recording for 15 minutes twice per week. The only other requirement is to complete a weekly report in order to monitor your progress.

Mr. Seaton gives specific instruction on how to maximize your use of the recordings. He shows the listener how to “cut out the internal invasion of sound, quiet your mind, promote relaxation and renew your outlook on life.”

All of the products are downloaded digitally, so that you don’t need a tape recorder or other device to access the program.

Seaton claims that his tinnitus relief program will completely do away with the need for such treatments as earwax flushing, steroids, antibiotics, hearing aid devices and drainage tubes. He claims to have tested the program on 43,000 people, with universally positive results. He does point to a couple of scientific studies to support the product. Both are reputable, with one emanating from the University of Washington.

When you order the program, you will gain access to:

  • An online evaluation questionnaire
  • The 30-day Kickstart Program, which includes weekly report forms and listening sessions graphs
  • A Tinnitus FAQ
  • A sound therapy list, categorized by the area of the brain that each one affects
  • Hearing protection tips

Timothy Seaton claims on his sales page that the program is safe for all ages. However, he does not produce any research to back up this statement. It would be a good idea, then, for parents of any tinnitus affected children to consult their general practitioner before using the program with their child.

Who is Timothy Seaton? 


As a sound engineer, Timothy Seaton had to put up with hearing issues for decades. Then he was struck with tinnitus. He experimented and developed a series of sounds to help recalibrate his brain wave patterns and experienced outstanding results. After curing himself, he became determined to bring relief to the masses of people who similarly suffered from tinnitus.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Tinnitus Terminator Program is only available from the official website. It sells for $67.00. According to the official website this is heavily discounted from $197.00.

Seaton places a lot of emphasis on the need to purchase the product straight away while it is still available. He claims that the recording studio from which the sounds were obtained would lose out financially if the product were made available – all of which makes the product sound rather dubious.

A 60-day money back guarantee is offered on this product. However, the only way to contact the company is by completing an online form. They do not provide any physical address, phone number of email contact information. This is a concern and doesn’t bode well for the likelihood of a securing a return on your money if you are not satisfied with your purchase.



Timothy Seatons’ Tinnitus Terminator program appears to be a sound program with some scientific studies to support it. However, we did notice a couple of red flags. Firstly, the site urges people to buy now due to limited product availability, which is an age-old desperation ploy used by less than honest marketers. In addition, the lack of contact information is problematic. We, therefore, advise caution when considering buying this product.

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