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RejuvaEssence SkinCare Products Review


What is RejuvaEssence?

RejuvaEssence is an antiaging anti-wrinkle skin treatment.  For most people effects of aging begin to tell on the skin from the age of 30. Some, however, are affected by early onset of aging much younger. Eight out of 10 dermatologists recommend antiaging skin face care for people over the age of 30.

 RejuvaEssence  claims to be able to turn back the hands of time, producing soft wrinkle free skin in next to no time at all. With RejuvaE541ssence, the product marketing claims, you can reduce fine lines and wrinkles without the need for expensive surgery.

The RejuvaEssence website and marketing page looks suspiciously similar to those of other similar products which have been withdrawn from the market. This is an indication that RejuvaEssence may be a generic product.

 What are the Claimed Benefits of RejuvaEssence?

  • According to the RejuvaEssence website, the product will:
  •  Decrease sprinkles and fine lines by 84%
  •  Increase collagen production by 95%
  • Decreased the appearance of dark circles by 75%
  •  Allow you to look and feel years younger

RejuvaEssence makes some bold claims by using such specific statistics. However, nowhere in their marketing do they actually provide any evidence to back them up. There are no scientific research studies cited at all that prove that the impressive percentages have any legitimacy.

Much of the marketing wording on the website is typical of pressure selling products that have very little real world benefit. The manufacturer’s claim that RejuvaEssence is “Hollywood’s best kept secret”, that the product is being sold on a limited time offer, that it has a 30-day money back guarantee and that they offer a 30-day trial period (more on this later).

This sales copy is a word for word duplicate on that used for other skin care products, such as Vita Luminance.

 How Does RejuvaEssence Work?


 RejuvaEssence  claims to protect and rejuvenates the skin. The ingredients include peptides which help eliminate wrinkles promote collagen production and plump and feeling the skin.  They state that a clinical study showed that the ingredients produce an immediate lifting power and with twice daily applications show  a demonstrable fix for 28 days after the first use. However, this particular clinical study, or any other for that matter, is never produced! 

The manufacturers claim that this product uses simple 100% natural ingredients that will nourish and beautify your skin while eliminating wrinkles and fine lines.

According to the somewhat vague description on the official website,

RejuvaEssence is a completely injection-free method of treatment. The product comes as a topical ointment which is applied directly to the skin and rubbed to areas where you want to get the most results. It is designed to focus on alleviating wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles around the eyes.

The website does not give any detail about how this product actually works its magic. Nor does it actually list the ingredients. This should present a major red flag to potential buyers.

How Much Does RejuvaEssence Cost? 

RejuvaEssence is only available through a 14 day trial offer.  To begin the trial, your credit cad is charged $3.95. You will then be sent a full 30 day supply of the product. However this can take up to 10 days to arrive at your door.

14 days after your initial order, your credit card will be charged the full price of the product which is $88.49. You will now be enrolled into an automatic shipping and subscription program which will charge your credit cad $88.49 every month.

According to the website you have the ability to cancel your subscription at anytime. Based on our experience ,however, you will probably be net with poor customer service and your chances of stopping your credit card payments are dubious at best.

Online customer feedback has many people complaining that the product comes in very small bottles. Uses also state that it dried out their skin. 

Who Makes RejuvaEssence?

The people behind this product are Revive You Media LLC. We were unable to find much information on them apart from an address . . .

ReviveYou Media LLC

3773 Howard Hughes Parkway
Las Vegas, NV, 89169-6014



RejuvaEssence  makes a lot of bold claims about its ability to reduce wrinkles fine lines and dark skin areas. Unfortunately, it isn’t able to back them up with any solid evidence. We are also concerned about the subscription basis and the quality of this product. Therefore, we do not recommend RejuvaEssence.

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