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Dragon Slim Xtreme Review

Dragon Slim Extreme is a popular all natural fat loss formulation that claims to be able to promote fast fat loss without the need for exercise or dieting. It does this with a careful combination of clinically proven herbal ingredients that bring about a thermic effect on the body.


What’s In Dragon Slim Xtreme?

Dragon Slim Xtreme is composed of four key, completely natural ingredients:Dragon Extreme

Ginseng – Ginseng has been used for over two thousand years in traditional Chinese medicine to enhance energy and lose weight. It is also known to reduce stress improve physical and mental energy and improve sexual function. Ginseng also has the amazing ability to flush toxins from the body and to allow for faster fat burn.

Panax ginseng, in particular, has been linked to weight loss benefits, with one study showing, obese diabetic mice given panax ginseng extracts not only improved their insulin sensitivity but also lost a significant amount of weight after 12 days.

Ginseng will balance your metabolism. This will allow you to burn more calories 24 hours a day – even when you’re sleeping. Moreover, ginseng is the world’s greatest natural energy booster. Taking raw ginseng will give you more energy for working out, which will spur you on to burn more calories and thus lose more body fat.

A raft of recent studies have given sound scientific backing to what people around the world have known anecdotally about ginseng for centuries.

As well as giving you a massive weight loss advantage, ginseng will do the following things for your body:

  • Fight cancer

  • Help defeat diabetes

  • Provide immune system support

  • Boost mental performance

  • Decrease stress and anxiety

  • Enhance your virility

  • Lower cholesterol


Capsicum – Capsicum is the key thermogenic agent used in Dragon Slim Extreme. It contains Capsaicinoids, which are the natural occurring pungent compounds within red hot pepper. Capsaicin is one specific member of the capsaicinoid family. It is the main active compound that makes red hot pepper sizzle.

Researchers have concluded that supplementation with capsaicin boosts the rate of metabolism, with a resultant faster calorie burn. They also surmise that capsaicin is a stimulant of adrenal production, which leads to a powerful surge of energy.

Gingko – Gingko is one the oldest living tree species on the planet. It is believed that extra of the bark contains flavonoids which contribute to weight loss.

Caffeine – Caffeine is a powerful energy boosting stimulant that also has a thermogenic effect on the body. It is also believed to increase blood flow and speed up the metabolism. Research has also shown caffeine increases endurance, by increasing blood fatty acids and extra carbohydrate stores in the liver and muscles.

What Are the Benefits of Dragon Slim Xtreme?

Slim vs Fat

The manufacturers of  Dragon Slim Extreme are so confident in their product that they guarantee all users they will lose a minimum of 10 pounds in the first month of using the product. To achieve this goal, Dragon Slim Extreme has the following effects on the body –

  • Speeds up metabolism

  • Rids the body of harmful toxins

  • Revitalizes the body, allowing it to work like new

  • Increase the body’s internal temperature to speed up fat burn

  • Boost energy levels

The Scientific Proof

Many weight loss products make amazing claims but fail to back them up with real science. Dragon Slim Slim Xtreme is different. A detailed clinical trial of the product was undertaken in the United States over a four week period. At the end of the study more than 80% of those who participated had a visible weight loss result. The average weight loss was 10 pounds in just four weeks.

For a completely natural weight loss product this is an unheard of result in such a short period of time.


Purchasing Dragon Slim Xtreme

Dragon Slim Extreme can only be purchased online. It can be bought in a number of countries, not including the United States. Purchasers have three costing options depending on how many 60 capsule bottles they purchase. The cost in Great British Pounds is as follows:


1 Bottle – 149 GBP

3 Bottles – 299 GBP

6 Bottles – 449 GBP


The cost of shipping is 19 GBP


When you purchase Dragon Slim Extreme you will automatically become a subscription member. You credit card will be billed regularly as replacement product is sent to you. You can cancel at any time.

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